• Write with Purpose: A workshop for executives who know what they want to communicate but are unsure of how to structure their messages in the most effective manner. The content covers purpose, audience analysis and organizing the message.
  • Creating Goodwill: Managers learn to use writing tools such as positive language, a conversational style and the ‘you-viewpoint’ to build goodwill with their target audience. The content includes levels of politeness, how and when to write an apology, and non-discriminatory language.
  • Creativity & Problem Solving: Rethink the way one thinks. Through fun and thought-provoking exercises, participants learn how to approach problems in unconventional ways to find innovative solutions.
  • Report Writing Skills: The workshop enables NGO staff to follow a systematic process when preparing reports, i.e. identifying the purpose, the audience, and their information needs. Participants learn to prepare reports that readers can quickly comprehend and act upon.
  • Customer Service Skills: This includes internal and external customers. Participants use skills like listening, clarifying, paraphrasing and probing to recognise and manage customer expectations.
  • English Language Teaching: Participants first unlearn errors in syntax and grammar by practising the correct word order in English. They then learn to use familiar words and simple sentences – tools which enable ESL users to write and speak English with greater control.
  • An Introduction to Advocacy: Participants draw on their experiences to identify what is advocacy, why do we advocate and how to advocate. The content includes practical skills such as analysing legislation, holding a press conference, writing a position paper, etc.
  • People helping: Answering the question, “How can I help?”. It is for people who want to render timely and constructive assistance to those seeking resolution for personal or professional concerns.
  • Boundaries: A module on assertiveness for people who would like to exercise and respect boundaries in relationships.


An Introduction to Advocacy & Lobbying (Tamil Nadu Social Service Society)

Business Communication: Creating Goodwill (Madras Management Association, Chennai & Hosur)

Customer Service, why bother? (Unlimited Innovations)

E-mail Writing Skills (Unlimited Innovations)

Writing a Business Message (Planman/Zenta)

Food for the Mind (Talwalkar’s Fitness Centres)

Our #1 Priority: Delivering Exceptional Service to our Customers (Planman/Ford Business Services Center)

You’re My Customer

Make the Connection

Write with Purpose

Effective Communication for Business (LIBA-MDC/ABN-AMRO)

Creative Thinking Skills (Repco Home Finance Ltd.)

Communication Skills for Customer Service (Repco Home Finance Ltd.)

Effective Communication for Business (LIBA-MDC/Maveric Software Testing Ltd.)

Effective Communication for Business (LIBA-MDC/Sify)

Effective Communication for Business (LIBA-MDC/Technip)

Group Discussion & Interview Skills (LIBA-IC/AIMA-CME)

Business Communication (LIBA-IC/AIMA-CME)

Business Communication (LIBA-IC/AIMA-CME/Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.)

Effective Writing Skills (IndiaCLEN)

Customer Service Skills (Sutherland Global Services)

Spoken English (Aura Academy)

Appreciation of Literature (IIPM)

Résumé Writing, Interview Skills & Business Etiquette (LIBA-IC/AIMA-CME)

Executive Effectiveness & Business Communication (Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning)

Interpersonal Dynamics (LIBA-IC/AIMA-CME)

Personal Development & Teamwork (British Council Library & Information Services)

Introduction to Lay Counselling (Ebenezer Matriculation & Higher Secondary Schools)

Communication Skills (Anita Matriculation & Higher Secondary School)

Understanding Customer Service (SRM Easwari Engineering College)

Customer Service Skills (Indian Society for Training & Development)

Gaining Customers through Telemarketing (Madras Management Association)

Skills for Effective Client Care (Madras Management Association)

Effective Client Management (OfficeTiger Database Systems)

Tools for Communication & Critical Thinking (OfficeTiger Database Systems)

Introduction to Presentation Skills (School of Continuing Education, Madras Christian College)

Communicaiton & Teambuilding (School of Continuing Education, Madras Christian College)

Communication Skills (St. Thomas Matriculation School, Tuticorin)

Communication Concepts (Dept. of English, University of Madras)

Report Writing Skills (Sangamam Community Project, Stella Maris College)

Communication Skills (St. Francis Matriculation High School, Tirumangalam, Madurai Dist.)

Telemarketing Sales & Training (TVB Marketing/ITC Sheraton Hotels, Chennai & Bengaluru)


Customer Service Skills (Cal-Soft)

Introduction to Lay Counselling (St. Andrew’s Church)

Skills for Career Success (Women’s Christian College)

Communication Skills (D.G. Vaishnav College)

Basic Counselling Skills (Madras School of Social Work)

Essentials of Communication (Madras School of Social Work)

Marriage & Youth Counselling (Social Work Dept., Loyola College)

Achieving Personal Effectiveness (Ethiraj College for Women)

FEEL Employable (Stella Maris College)

FEEL Employable (Guruvayoorappan Inst. of Management, Coimbatore)

Facilitator Certificate in HRD (Basaweswara College of Engineering, Bagalkot)


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  1. Vasudha Ravi Says:

    Hello Madam..

    I hope you remember me.. i was your student in AIMA LIBA.. caught hold of your website through linkedin.. i cant express how glad i m that i have got in touch with you.. i do still keep bragging about your classes to my friends.. 🙂

    Hope all is well with you.. – Vasudha

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