As a training consultant for OfficeTiger Database Systems my work was directed towards improving service delivery in the call center, viz.:

1.       Identify job competencies (skills, knowledge, attitudes) required of customer relationship managers and client managers.

2.       Design and deliver training in key aspects of customer service and communication skills.

3.       Relate organizational values, culture and practices with training content.

Earlier as a programme manager for TVB Marketing India, my work called for the review, upgrade and development of staff performance, such as;

1.       Streamline administrative processes

2.       Develop (for managerial, customer support, telesales, and administrative staff)

a.       Recruitment processes

b.      Selection criteria

c.       Induction and on-the-job training

d.      Reward systems

e.       Feedback and performance appraisal processes

3.       Identify performance standards

4.       Identify strategies for achieving sales targets

5.       Organize customer feedback

Both companies had multinational managers and served international clients.  The training for both businesses was designed to enable staff to achieve the professional service standards that international customers expect.  My experience of working with British Airways, Mumbai, greatly facilitated my understanding of customer service and in designing appropriate training.


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