Arun Durairaj, General Manager, Delivery, Unlimited Innovations

  • Our team’s biggest challenge was in communicating with a customer that was located half-way around the world. Elizabeth focused on providing the skills that encouraged our teams to not only understand the customer requirements but to understand the customer. Based on our needs, we selected the Email Writing Skills and Customer Service programs. Elizabeth worked with us to tailor the programs to suit our needs and applied real world examples from our work situation. All of this enabled the teams to better connect with the material that was presented. The material that Elizabeth presented was relevant and substantial. She did a great job in keeping the teams focused. In the time that she spent with our teams, the knowledge they gained was valuable. From day one, I could see the impact of the training in their daily approach to customer communication.

Prof. R. Krishnan, Academic Dean, IIPM

  • I have known Prof. Elizabeth Verghese since August 2005, when as a Visiting Professor she taught a course on ‘Appreciation of Literature’. Since April 2006, she has been a key resource person in the interview panel for the entrance examination, e-PAT at IIPM, Chennai. I admire her interviewing skills, which includes several dimensions: probing questions to assess a candidate’s critical thinking & communication skills, willingness to learn, awareness of current affairs and more. At times, depending upon the openness of candidates towards self improvement, she has even counselled students to set right any misconceptions! Prof. Verghese’s correctness in all aspects of the English language is indeed praiseworthy.

Sarah Wimaladharma, Programme Officer, UN Volunteers, Botswana

  • Very well edited Gender Based Violence Report for Botswana. Very high quality. Deadlines met. Improved inter-institutional coordination in delivery of services. Elizabeth did a very good job and I would highly recommend her for another similar assignment.

Lydia Mafhoko-Ditsa, UNDP Botswana

  • Thank you so much, we really appreciate your support in editing this report. You have really executed this assignment professionally with so much dedication and commitment. Many, many thanks.

Dr. Sonia Validivia, Associate Programme Officer, SCP Branch UNEP/DTIE

  • Thank you for the very professional work.

Zuzana Polackova, UNV Project Coordinator, UNDP Europe and CIS

  • Volunteer contributed to the best practices desk survey on corporate volunteerism. Volunteer identified several approaches and submitted 9 case studies in very tight timing. Each of these cases was introduced in a highly eloquent manner providing number of excellent information. The case studies will be further explored and used for the purpose of the intended resource document about corporate volunteerism. Volunteer provided excellent research and writing skills and high level of understanding of the topics related to multi-stakeholder partnership and the role of the business sector on social development.

Julie Simeon, Personnel Coordinator, YWAM

  • I have have found Elizabeth to be very conscientious and diligent in every job she undertakes. She is committed to researching topics thoroughly and takes care to cover details. Elizabeth undertakes work and relationships with integrity and good moral character. I would highly recommend her.


  • An eye-opener on e-mail writing; business writing is a skill and practise makes it perfect; good material; helpful workbook; learning through role-play; relevant to my job; presentation was perfect; several exercises and activities to understand the material.
  • Effective, enjoyable, excellent, fun, good, informative, innovative, interactive, interesting, to the point, very useful, value added, worth attending


Dr. T.T. Srinath, Chennai

  • Your blog is refreshing to read and very informative. I enjoyed the blend of fact and story and it gave me a few pointers to use in my work. Congratulations!

A Parent

  • It was during one of Elizabeth ’s workshops that I met her. Her friendly & warm nature can put anyone at ease to discuss anything with her. That was the very reason I suppose , I could talk to her about what was troubling me at that point of time. Considering the fact this was the first time I was meeting her I still feel amazed as to how I opened up to her & poured out all my worries & anxieties regarding my teenage daughter’s behavior! That one session with Elizabeth was enough to put my life back to normalcy! She helped me see things so clearly from both my daughter’s perspective & mine. The results were amazing. I could understand my daughter better and we could communicate more freely. I only knew her as an efficient trainer but she is an outstanding counselor too. Thank you Elizabeth for helping me to become a mother I always wanted to be – a friend to my children.


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