I specialise in business communication skills training. Specifically – business writing and presentation skills.  I also conduct training in customer service, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, besides workshops on people-helping and advocacy skills.  Participants have found the content well structured and the sessions informative with interesting examples clearly explaining the key points.

A resident of Chennai, which has long been the automobile manufacturing hub of South India, my clients span a range of commercial and non-commercial services – IT, BPOs, manufacturing, financial services, NGOs and academic institutions.

I began my career with customer services in British Airways, Mumbai.  From 1995 to 1997, I was a programme manager with TVB Marketing India where I managed a loyalty programme for the restaurants at the ITC Sheraton Hotels in Bengaluru and Chennai.   Since 1997, I have been an independent training and communications consultant.

In 2009, I expanded my services to include writing, editing and proofreading documents.  This work eventually led to my setting up this blog site.  Here, I share my thoughts on various social issues that are of concern to me.  My special interest is in women’s empowerment.

I have graduate and post-graduate degrees in English from the University of Madras.  In keeping with my belief that learning is by design and for personal growth, I have attended several specialist courses in business strategy and marketing, interpersonal communication, and counselling.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Sujatharesh Su Says:

    Good Morning Elizabeth,

    Today I got a mail from you and curious something drew me to read on…So nice to read about the 2 ways you have helped employees… Nice.

    I am a Senior Soft Skills Trainer myself and I keep oft repeating that the Thinking process is one that makes one what they wish to be…

    Have a nice Day, Mam…. Wishing you well.



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