It’s a pity when civil society in America can comfortably talk about “killing” Osama bin Laden – as if killing a person is no different from swatting a pesky housefly.  Even more dismaying is when the killing is described as successful.  I can only hope that when the celebrations are done with, Americans will begin to reflect on what really has happened:

By “treating him as he treated his victims, we simply go down and join him in the pit of immorality. We become the monster we hunt . . .”

“This way of ordering the world into worthy and unworthy victims, people to be mourned and people to be erased, is what keeps the cycle of violence ever turning . . .”

“It’s a pity that this event will do nothing to end the sheer stupidity and shameful waste of ten years of war and violence.”

These are excerpts from an opinion piece that appeared in The Hindu today.