So begins a post on the Landor Blog.  The writer, a brand strategist with the company, suggests that taking a walk is a more effective method for idea generation and problem-solving as compared to sitting at a desk and thinking. 

I was wondering what it would be like to take a meditative walk on one of our city roads.  Would my mind be on the problem to be solved or the problem of avoiding dog poop and other unmentionable poop?  In addition to negotiating the sundry droppings, I would also have to watch out for  motorists who believe that pedestrians should be banned from roads, and then negotiate the unmarked trenches dug by various civil and commercial agencies, earth and rubble from the trenches, the further mounds of earth and rubble that eventually cover the trenches, the potholes left by last year’s rains, overflowing garbage bins, garbage without bins, store goods spilling out onto the street, street hawkers, etc!