In early February, The Hindu published an article titled “Trashing the refrigerator”.  Amercians are debating whether to own or not own one.  My question is what is the need for a mega sized refrigerator, and a freezer, too? Even in a tropical country like India where food spoils quickly, we manage with just a refrigerator (small by American standards) which has a freezer compartment.  We don’t need to trash the refrigerator.  Instead could we buy and eat right? 

For instance, hyper marts depend on customers driving 20km out into the country to shop at their stores.  To justify the time and expense, customers buy for several weeks ahead.  And then mega-sized refrigerators and freezers become necessary.  How the large retailers benefit is obvious. What the benefit is to the customer eludes me.  It certainly does not benefit the environment.  Nor does it benefit local businesses.  I have this last on authority from a professor at INSEAD who readily agreed that these giant retailers kill local businesses.